3 Day Refresh

Here is the deal with the 3 Day Refresh, everyone thinks that a refresh or cleanse is a quick fix. It can be a great jump start to a healthy lifestyle because you have no sugar for 3 days. This will break the cycle of craving sugar, which is huge and makes it an easy transition into clean eating with a clean slate. No, you will not be in the bathroom the whole time, this is a healthy way to go about it because you have Shakeology daily your body will not be deprived of the nutrients it needs. Do not let this fool you, you can not do a 3 day refresh lose 6 lbs and expect to keep that off if you return to your regular life style. This can help get you fast results and rid your body of sugar or help you get off a stubborn plateau, so keep that in mind when thinking of doing this 3 day program. Here is how it works you have Shakeology for breakfast with a fruit, fiber sweep shake for snack, lunch is a fruit, veggie and healthy fat plus vanilla fresh shake. Afternoon snack is veggies and healthy fat (think fresh veggies and hummus or cucumber and tomato salad with basil and balsamic dressing) then diner is a variety of things to choose from in the booklet with another vanilla fresh. You can see clearly you will not starve and will not be starving your body of nutrients.

Here are the results from my 3 day refresh experiences! this is my most  recent  3 day refresh where I went from 118-115LBS! I felt much leaner and was able to break a plateau. I have held these results for a month now.

Here is my very first refresh I ever did! I was very pleased with the results, I did this right before my husband and I went out of town for a weekend so great timing for feeling super confident.